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Diwali Puja Gifts, Diwali Pooja Gifts, Puja Gifts for Diwali, Deepavali Puja Gift Ideas

Diwali Gifts for Lakshmi Ganesha Pujan

During the festival of Diwali, there is an air of religiosity all around. With so many spiritual sentiments attached to the festival, it is important to take care of what kind of gifts are we presenting to our friends and relatives. The more the gifts can be related to the festival, the more the charm is added. Puja gifts are thus most apt form of showering your loved ones with the best wishes of prosperity and happiness. These are a gesture of invoking divine blessings for them. So, we give you some tips handy to be used while you set your mind over puja gift items this Diwali. Make use of these suggestions and make your Diwali a dainty affair.

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Diwali Puja Gift Ideas
Diwali Puja Gifts

Ganesha and Lakshmi Coins

Gifting silver or gold coins on the occasion of Diwali is amongst the traditional gifts of the festival. But old is always gold and good. Gold or silver coins with images of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Aum, Swastika and other religious symbols embellished on them are a must for the puja ingredients and thus make an exquisite gift item.
Diwali Puja Gifts

Diwali Puja Thali

A Puja thali set makes a nice gift on Diwali to your relatives. Depending upon your budget, you can look for the Puja thali in different materials such as gold, silver and even in stainless steel. A Puja thali consists of a lota, a hand bell, small sized idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, incensed stick holder, an auspicious coin and roli-rice small sized container. Puja Thali can be designer too. They come in shape of auspicious religious symbols like pipal leaf and Ganesha face. Other than a metal puja thali, you will find beautifully hand crafted hard cane puja thalis. They are full of vibrant colors and make your puja ritual an ethereal experience. With certain Puja Thali sets you will also get Aasana (a small carpet sitting on which prayers are performed to the deity).
Diwali Puja Gifts
Diya Set

The festival of light is usually represented with the symbol of Diyas. They hold a great significance in spiritual and religious terms. Diyas, actually stand for the light of the Almighty, to whom we spray to enlighten our pathways that lead us to happiness and solace. Thus, Diyas fall under the category of Diwali Puja gift items. You will get a set of designer diyas in the market well packed that can be gifted to your friends and relatives. Handmade diyas, crafted diyas, floral diyas and even floating diyas are available in the market easily.
Diwali Puja Gifts

Around Diwali, the markets are flooded with Diwali devotional gifts. There are many other items like silver Kum Kum Dabbi, idols of the deities and others that you can look for. All these Puja items as gifts are elegant and beautiful as well. So, let your loved one's Diwali be celebrated amidst heavenly aura by giving them these Puja gifts.
Diwali Puja Gifts ideas
Puja gifts for diwali


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